Using PowerPlay Web with an Analysis Services Cube

Establishing Connectivity

We will assume a basic understanding of Cognos PowerPlay throughout the article, as well as a proper installation of the software in general, as we noted in the introductory article, Cognos Applications Overview. This article assumes a “default” installation of Cognos PowerPlay (PPES and PPWEB components), as well as the correct installation of Cognos Connect. I am assuming, furthermore, that you are configured as a Cognos user in Access Manager and have the appropriate rights / privileges to complete the steps in this article, or that you have been allowed temporary privileges. (I’ll be acting as the Administrator on my server, with my user set up in Access Manager, but little else is configured in the way of sophisticated security.)

Finally, the article assumes you have access to the MSSQL Server / the Analysis Services sample cubes, be it via Windows Authentication Mode or Mixed Mode (for purposes of this article, I’m using SQL Server authentication). Keep in mind that the multiple potential security configurations in our individual environments may result in some differences in the steps (log in requests, etc.) as we proceed.

See this tutorial for details on Enabling Connections to MSSQL Server OLAP Cubes in Configuration Manager

Once complete, read this tutorial for details on Connecting to the Analysis Services Cube using PowerPlay Connect – Simple Security