Using PowerPlay Web with an Analysis Services Cube

The display now appears as an indented crosstab.

32. Save the report as desired, by clicking the appropriate Save As button on the lower right toolbar. (Note that saving will likely result in a prompt from Access Manager, after which we will be walked through the setup of various items in Upfront. We will touch more upon Cognos Upfront in other scoped articles).

We have examined only a handful of the options available in Cognos PowerPlay Web Explorer. Cognos PowerPlay is a powerful tool, and is, by far, the current leader in the business intelligence world in depth and breadth of analysis and reporting scope. The functionality available is both robust and easy to use. The zero-footprint interface we have reviewed is also a highly desirable attribute, in many environments, making both deployment and maintenance of the tool much easier than systems requiring client installations on the user PCs.

We will conclude our brief overview of PowerPlay Web reporting for an Analysis Services cube at this point. Much of the body of functionality that is available can be reviewed within the online documentation and other sources, just as it might be for a natively generated PowerCube. For information regarding another option for Analysis Services cube reporting with Cognos PowerPlay, please see my article Cognos for Microsoft Analysis Services Reporting: Using PowerPlay for Windows with an Analysis Services Cube.