Configuring Windows XP Error Reporting

Finally, is you’re tired of those annoying error messages that pop up when an application or system error occurs, the System applet in Control Panel gives you a little control over the situation. By default, all error messages pop up to inform you of the error, and then ask whether you’d like to have the details of the error sent to Microsoft for data gathering or troubleshooting purposes. If you’re not comfortable with having information from your system sent to Microsoft, then you’ll want to click the Error Reporting button at the bottom of the Advanced tab.

Clicking the Error Reporting button opens the configuration window. Error Reporting is enabled by default for both the XP operating system and installed applications. Clicking the Choose Programs button allows you to control which programs or components reporting will be enabled for, and even allow you to selectively exclude certain programs from this list. However, many users will appreciate the ability to simply turn error reporting off altogether by choosing the Disable error reporting radio button instead.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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