Windows 2000 Installation and Update Methods

Deploying Service Packs

Anyone who has spent time in the field supporting Windows NT 4.0 knows the horror of dealing with service pack upgrades. Not only did you need to deploy the service pack, but then go back and reapply it if you added a new service from the original source files! Windows 2000 takes care of this using an idea called s lipstreaming. Using slipstreaming, you can deploy Windows 2000 using service pack-updated source files. To update the source files you would use the update.exe /s command, specifying the location of your Windows 2000 source directory. Since the actual source files are updated, you no longer need to worry about adding services after a service pack upgrade. If you have already installed Windows 2000, you can simply run update.exe manually, and then update the source files via slipstreaming for future use.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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