Managing Printers and Printing

The available permissions are Print (allowing you to managing your own jobs), Manage Printers (what was formerly Full Control), and Manage Documents (which allows you to manage both your own jobs, as well as those of others). As with file and folder permissions, your effective permission is cumulative, and a Deny always overrides an Allow. The Everyone group still gets the Print permission by default.

One new feature in Windows 2000 is the ability to use Internet Protocol Printing, or IPP. IPP allows you to set up a print server running IIS to enable both printing to URLs, as well as printer management via a web browser. As such, print jobs can be sent both over the corporate Intranet via HTTP, or via the Internet if required. In order to connect to a Web-based printer, you can either use the Add Printer Wizard (providing the URL) or via a Web browser. If using a web browser to manage printers, the URLs used should be:

http://print_server/printers (to see a list of all printers on the server) OR

http://print_server/printer_sharename (to view a particular queue).

One quick note here. Although you can manage printers from any browser that supports frames, you can only connect to a printer (this is the same as installing the printer on a client machine) from a browser running IE 4.0 or higher.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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