GFI FAXmaker for Exchange

Filtering Junk Faxes

Much like spam email today, junk faxes have long been a problem for companies. While most manual fax machines are incapable of blocking junk faxes, GFI FAXmaker for Exchange has the ability to automatically delete junk faxes according to the CSID of the sending device. Furthermore, the program also includes an option to delete any fax received without a CSID. GFI FAXmaker for Exchange also allows copies of any junk faxes to be stored to a specified folder, just in case.

FAXmaker Monitor

Like most of the solutions from GFI Software, GFI FAXmaker for Exchange also includes a dedicated monitoring tool. FAXmaker Monitor provides access to two utilities, Server Monitor and Queued Faxes. As the name suggests, the Queued Faxes tool will allow you to view information about all faxes waiting to be sent, which line they are using, and so forth. The Server Monitor tool (shown below) displays the status of faxes being sent or received, allows you to restart the server, and also debug or abort faxes in progress.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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