Creating Users, Contacts, and Distribution Groups

The last one that we are going to discuss tonight will be mail-enabled Groups. We no longer will be dealing with distribution lists like we did in Exchange 5.5. What we have in Exchange 2000 is the ability to mail-enable a Security Group or a Distribution Group. Once you mail-enable a group, it will appear in the GAL, and it can receive messages like any other recipient in Exchange. A message sent to a mail-enabled group will be received by all members of that group that have email addresses configured. The process of creating a mail-enabled group is fairly straight forward. You simply create a group like normal, and when it prompts you if you want to create an Exchange address for the group, check the box.

We are going to go ahead and call it a day on that note. We aren’t done talking about our recipients yet, not by a long shot. Next week, we will finish up by discussing the Exchange Task Wizard in a little more detail. We will look at the property sheets on our recipient objects, and we will take a look at a bulk import utility that can make your job of creating Exchange mailboxes much easier. Until then, cya!