Exchange Message Archive Management

GFI MailArchiver takes a totally different approach to archiving messages sent and received via your Exchange servers. Instead of attempting to manipulate your message stores, it takes advantage of the archiving capabilities of Exchange to send copies of all messages to a SQL Server database on your network. Then, when you need to find a specific message to or from a particular user, all messages in a certain email exchange, or even all messages that contain a given text string, you’re in luck. All you need to do access the GFI MailArchiver web client, input your query, and let the SQL database handle the rest. All messages meeting your criteria will immediately be displayed, and the need to perform any type of restore a thing of the past.

Why you need it

The ability to quickly search for old email messages with GFI MailArchiver is certainly impressive, but may actually be more helpful than you think. The first and most obvious use is to search for that missing message, as was the case with Steve from the Sales department. You could choose to let Steve search through his own messages via the web interface, or dedicate another person to the task.

The second reason why archiving messages is important is to comply with regulatory requirements. According to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and SEC regulations, all public companies must archive all correspondence for 7 years for audit and review purposes, email included. GFI MailArchiver is the perfect tool in this regard – all you’ll need to do is configure it to archive all messages, and then ensure that you back up the associated SQL Server database as required.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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