Anti-Spam and Mail Monitoring with GFI MailEssentials 8

Mail Monitoring and Archiving

While monitoring corporate email has always been the source of a great deal of controversy, the ability to monitor messages on a full-time or as-necessary basis has become a virtual necessity in almost all environments. The Mail Monitoring feature of GFI MailEssentials 8 allows you to send a copy of all messages sent to or from a particular user or domain to another configured email address, such as that of another user or a particular designated account like The uses of this feature range from the basic archiving of email messages for backup purposes to the monitoring of employee communications for security reasons. The Mail Monitoring tool also allows exceptions to be configured for this feature for example, you might choose to implement Mail Monitoring for all users except senior executives. Because of the potentially sensitive nature of using such a capability, you would well be advised to obtain the necessary managerial approval before implementing this feature as an administrator.

In many industries (as well as many countries), policies and laws state that all email messages must be archived. While not very common in the past (except perhaps via backups), this is becoming an increasingly relevant feature for many organizations. GFI MailEssentials 8 provides the ability to archive all messages to a text file, as well as Microsoft Access and SQL Server databases. As an administrator, you have the ability to archive inbound, outbound, or both types of user email messages.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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