Cognos Managed Reporting Applications

Managed Reporting within Cognos is represented by the Impromptu and Impromptu Web Reports (“IWR”) applications, although reports generated from PowerPlay (and other applications) can certainly fall within a wide definition. Delivery options from which you can choose include Web deployment, old-fashioned printed reports, and several options in between. Integration is, again, a strength in the centralized management of report distribution. Efficient administration, flexible scheduling (by users if desirable), overall user-friendliness and speed of delivery make Impromptu one of Cognos’ most popular applications. You can rely upon Impromptu and IWR to meet your data environment specifications (the applications handle data warehouses / data marts and relational sources equally well, in my experience) and delivery requirements for a wide range of user skill levels and reporting needs. The Impromptu Administrator edition, and to some extent other client editions, are used to create and modify the organization’s reports. Like PowerPlay, IWR (Series 7 and above) typically uses Upfront as its web-based point of interface for information consumers.

A simple Impromptu Web Report example.