Viewing and Saving Configuration Settings on a Catalyst 1900 or 2820 Switch

The commands to view and save the configuration settings on a Cisco 1900 switch are similar to those on a Cisco router, with a few small exceptions. To view general information about the switch itself, including its software version, hardware platform, MAC address, memory configuration, and so forth, use the show version command.

Cisco1912#show version
Cisco Catalyst 1900/2820 Enterprise Edition Software
Version V9.00.00
Copyright (c) Cisco Systems, Inc. 1993-1999
Cisco1912 uptime is 0day(s) 11hour(s) 04minute(s) 33second(s)
cisco Catalyst 1900 (486sxl) processor with 2048K/1024K bytes of memory
Hardware board revision is 5
Upgrade Status: No upgrade currently in progress.
Config File Status: No configuration upload/download is in progress
15 Fixed Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s)
Base Ethernet Address: 00-50-F0-5F-25-00

The startup configuration of a Catalyst 1900 switch is stored in NVRAM. However, you do not need to copy the running configuration on a switch to the startup configuration – the switch does this automatically as you make changes to the configuration. Because of this, you cannot view the startup configuration of a switch. However, you can view the switch configuration using the show run command, as shown below.

Cisco1912#show run
Building configuration...
Current configuration:
hostname "Cisco1912"
ip address
ip default-gateway
ip name-server
enable secret 5 $1$FMFQ$rUgP9HDSIlsHrXwg2kX7o0
enable password level 1 "CISCO"
enable password level 15 "CISCO99"
interface Ethernet 0/1
[output truncated]
interface Ethernet 0/11
interface Ethernet 0/12
interface Ethernet 0/25
interface FastEthernet 0/26
interface FastEthernet 0/27
line console

In cases where you want to erase the configuration of a switch, the command is delete nvram. It is worth noting that while this command deletes the majority of configuration settings, it does not delete any VTP settings that may exist. Deleting VTP settings is covered in another article.

Cisco1912#delete nvram

This command resets the switch with factory defaults. All system
parameters will revert to their default factory settings. All static
and dynamic addresses will be removed.

Reset system with factory defaults, [Y]es or [N]o?

To reboot a Cisco 1900 series switch, issue the reload command, and confirm.

This command resets the switch. All configured system parameters and
static addresses will be retained. All dynamic addresses will be removed.

Reset system, [Y]es or [N]o?

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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