Backing Up and Restoring Cisco Switch Settings

Much like with Cisco routers, it’s generally a good idea to back up the configuration of your switches as well. The syntax to copy the configuration of a Catalyst 1900 series to a TFTP server is different than on a router, although it does following a similar “copy from to” format. The example below shows the configuration of a Catalyst 1912 being backed up to a TFTP server at address

Cisco1912#copy nvram tftp://
Configuration upload is successfully completed

In this example, the contents of NVRAM (the configuration file) are copied to a TFTP server at, with a filename of config-1912. The command to copy this same configuration file from the TFTP server back to the switch is shown below.

Cisco1912#copy tftp:// nvram
TFTP successfully downloaded configuration file

Unlike with a Cisco router, a Cisco 1900 series switch does not allow you to upload its IOS image to a TFTP server. However, it does allow you to download a new IOS image from a TFTP server. The command to do so is listed below.

Cisco1912#copy tftp:// opcode

In this example, the image to be downloaded from the TFTP server is named cat1900EN_9_00.bin. The opcode command is used to instruct the switch to download the file into Flash memory.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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