Network Design Step 2: Creating an Existing Network Summary Report

Once information about the existing network has been gathered using the various methods and tools outlined in the section, it is typically compiled into a document that summarizes the health of the existing network. This document includes information about the status of current network equipment, links, and applications, while also documenting key elements like the physical and logical topology of the network.

The main purpose of this summary report is to provide the customer with a frame of reference that identifies some of the key issues that need to be considered as part of the network design project. For example, the summary report may provide information about some of the limitations of existing hardware, such as routers that will require an IOS upgrade, more resources (like RAM), or even outright replacement. Along the same lines, this document is used to pinpoint and ultimately address the limitations of the current network, ensuring that the customer has the information necessary to make critical decisions about the scope of the project and how it will ultimately move forward.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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