Cisco Netsys Connectivity Service Manager

The Cisco Netsys Connectivity Service Manager tool is part of the Cisco Netsys Service-Level Management Suite. The product is focused on providing information that allows you to troubleshoot a variety of network connectivity issues. The application builds a map of the existing network using the configuration files of existing Cisco devices, and subsequently allows you to use this information to troubleshoot issues relating to network availability, security, and reliability.

Capabilities found in the application include the ability to view different topologies, such as the physical or logical connections between equipment. Taken a step further, protocol views are also provided, for example the ability to view OSPF areas and interconnections. The application also helps in determining the source of network errors, including those related to access lists, mismatched frame types, incorrect subnet masks, and so forth. Positioned as a tool to help companies move towards a proactive management strategy, the Netsys Connectivity Service Manager also provides extended capabilities such as offline “what-if” analysis by way of the VISTA (view, isolate, solve, test, apply) troubleshooting methodology.

Note: All of the software in Cisco’s Netsys line has reached end-of-life (EOL) status.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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