Network Adapters

The way that you interact with network adapters has also changed from Windows NT 4. Where previously all settings were found in the Network program in Control Panel, now all network settings reside in the Network and Dialup Connections program. One major change is that each connection is viewed as a separate connection object. So, if you had 1 NIC, a VPN connection to your office, and a dialup connection to your ISP, you would have 3 connection objects, each of which could be separately configured.

Note that you cannot create additional Local Area Connection objects – these are added automatically by Windows 2000 as you add network adapters. The properties of a given connection object allow you change settings including protocol settings, driver properties (on a network card), authentication and encryption protocols (for dialup and VPN connections), as well as settings for redial and so forth. Another thing that has changed is how protocol bindings are configured. These are not handled in the properties of a connection object, but instead from the Advanced Settings menu item on the Advanced menu in Network and Dial-up Connections.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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