Internet Information Services (IIS)

The properties for an FTP server appear similar to those for a web server, although there are fewer property sheets. By default, a connection to an FTP server is initiated via a connection to port 21 on the server, though again this can be changed. A single IIS server can most multiple FTP sites, either by each using a separate IP address, or by assigning each a different port.

An explanation of each of the tabs is listed below:

  • FTP Site – contains basic information about the site including IP address, port,connection, and logging settings.
  • Security Accounts – controls the ability to allow anonymous connections, as well as the ability to grant site operator privileges.
  • Messages – allows you to set the messages that will appear to uses when they connect, disconnect, or the maximum number of simultaneous users has been exceeded.
  • Home Directory – allows you to specify the home directory location on the server and the directory listing style.
  • Directory Security – allows you to specify which computers are granted or denied access to the FTP site according to IP address or subnet address.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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