Installing SQL Server 2000

It is best to buy Per Seat licenses when you have a known number of clients that access many servers. On the other hand, processor licenses are best used when you have an unknown number of clients (that normally vary widely from hour to hour) such as an e-commerce website.

Enter the type and number of licenses you have purchased and click Continue.

18. The installation copies the files to your hard drive and then informs you when it has completed.

19. You can now locate the tools used to work with your SQL Server by clicking “Start” on the taskbar, selecting “Programs”, and then selecting “Microsoft SQL Server.”

That finishes up our look at a basic installation of SQL Server 2000. Keep in mind if you are not using the same exact version of SQL server I am, your installation may vary slightly (ex: I used a copy of SQL server that does not require an installation key). Next I will explain some of the more advanced topics when installing SQL Server 2000. I hope you found this article helpful.