SQL Server Groups and Registrations

Adding SQL Server Registrations

If you need to register a new SQL Server right click any server group and select “New SQL Server Registration…”

Unless you have previously run the wizard and disabled it you are greeted with the Register SQL Server Wizard welcome screen. Click Next to continue.

Next select the SQL Server(s) you would like to add from the left list-box and click “Add.” If your server is not on the list enter the name of the server in the text-box provided and then click “Add.” If your server is already registered in Enterprise Manager the server will not appear in the list of servers. Once you have selected all the servers you would like to add click Next.

Select the appropriate type of authentication for your server and click Next. Note if you select SQL Server Authentication you will then be prompted for the account and password Information. SQL Server Authentication also gives you the option to prompt you for authentication information each time you connect to the server with Enterprise Manager. Windows Authentication uses the credentials of the user that is currently logged on when you connect to a server using Enterprise Manager.

Next select the group you would like to add your SQL Server under. You can also create a new top-level group if one does not currently exist. After you select the Server Group, click Next.

Click Finish to add the Server(s) to Enterprise Manager.

The Server(s) are then registered and you are given a status of the registration process. If any registrations fail you can select the server in the status window and click Properties. From the properties screen you can then confirm that your login information is correct. When your servers have been registered click Close. Your new server(s) now appear in Enterprise Manager under the group name you selected in the wizard.