SQL Server 2000 System Requirements

Remember that this article is only an overview. We will cover specific system requirements, however some topics are vary large and will be covered later in greater depth.

In this series I am assuming that you are using the Enterprise Edition or an edition equivalent to Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2000. (We will talk about the different editions of SQL Server 2000 in the “Available Editions and Scalability” section later on.) If you are not using Enterprise Edition you will still be able to do just about everything with a few exceptions. If you don’t have any edition of SQL Server 2000, you can download the Enterprise Evaluation Edition from Microsoft’s website at: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/evaluation/trial/2000/download.asp

CPU: Intel-compatible 166MHz or higher

Memory: 64MB (128MB recommended for Enterprise edition)

Hard Disk: 250MB for a typical SQL Server database installation, 130MB for Analysis Components, 80MB for English Query

Operating System: Windows NT Server 4.0 (With SP5) or Windows NT Server 4.0 Enterprise Edition (With SP5) or Any version of Windows 2000 Server

For a complete listing of the most up-to-date requirements and a listing for all editions of SQL Server, please visit Microsoft’s website: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/evaluation/sysreqs/2000/default.asp