Configuring a Linux Newsgroup (NNTP) Server

Newsreader Configuration

Any standard newsreader will allow you to connect to and post messages to newsgroups. Outlook Express and Netscape Communicator are among the most popular newsreaders, although a quick search on or will show you that there are many other options out there, and those standalone readers often contain more features than those included with IE or Netscape.

To connect to a newsgroup using Outlook Express.

1. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.

2. Click Add, and then News…

3. Enter your Display Name (Most newsgroups are pick about this), and then your email address.

4. Enter the DNS name or IP address of your news server. (If your news server requires authentication, then you can select the checkbox and provide the Username and Password for access.)

5. Following this, you will be connected to the news server and prompted to select the newsgroups you wish to subscribe to.

KDE contains a newsreader called KNode which is very feature rich. It is configured in much the same manner as ID and is very easy to use. The initial configuration is simple and accessable by selecting Configure KNode from the Settings menu. From there you can enter your personal information and news server information as shown.

In Closing

So that’s it. Inn is a very mature product and as such there are a number of things that you can configure that I have not discussed. Some of the more advanced configurations include.

  • Aging and expiration of news items
  • Moderated newsgroups
  • User account based access and permissions
  • SSL channel encryption
  • USENet integration
  • Push and Pull newsfeeds

One thing I learned in writing this articl eis that good documentation on inn is hard to find. In fact, you will the makers of inn do not produce any documentation or support for the product. There are a few good links on the inn website to articles that have been written on inn that describe its configuration, and the newsgroup on google (formerly dejanews) is an excellent source of help and support.