GFI FAXmaker for Exchange

FAXmaker Configuration Tool

The initial configuration of GFI FAXmaker for Exchange involves the detection and configuration of the appropriate fax modem, ISDN card, or fax card to be used. Once the cards are detected, all configuration tasks can be carried out using the simple MMC-based FAXmaker Configuration tool shown below.

The tasks associated with configuring GFI FAXmaker for Exchange are surprisingly easy. I had no trouble configuring the software to support licensed users and the routing methods to be used for each. For example, to configure OCR routing for a user account, you simple right click on OCR, choose New, and then specify a keyword or phrase to be used in OCR searches. After doing so, the phrase properties dialog box opens, as shown below. This allows you to choose which user(s) messages with the search phrase will be routed to. While the user interface allows you to associate multiple users with a search string, it unfortunately does not allow you to associate multiple search phrases with one user in a single step.

Cover Pages

One handy feature in GFI FAXmaker for Exchange is its ability to allow you to design and implement your own custom fax cover pages. By default only a generic cover page is implemented, but both HTML- and RTF-based cover pages are supported. If you plan to implement a fancy custom cover page for your organization, your best bet is to import a pre-designed version that includes the appropriate (and very simple) tags in order for the To, From, Subject, and Company fields to be properly populated by GFI FAXmaker. A nice touch with the cover page feature is the ability to define which users are associated with a given design. Beyond cover pages, the program also allows you to define headers and footers that can be added to outgoing faxes.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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