Using SSL with Outlook Web Access

Next up we go to the Directory Security Tab and select Edit under Certificates (from the Exchange Virtual Directory) and select to require security. You can see this from Figure 11.

Now that we have finished that, you select Ok and Ok to close out the dialog boxes. The only thing left at this point is to restart IISadmin and then to restart it. The easy way to do this would be to restart the server, but if that isn’t an option you can stop and restart the services from the command prompt. Take a look at Figure 12 for the command line syntax necessary to stop iisadmin.You have to make note of the other services that will shut down when you stop iisadmin. As you can see from Figure 13, there are several services that are dependant on the iisadmin service. Also keep in mind that based on the products and services that you have installed your information might vary. And one last thing, if you don’t know the command line syntax to start all the individual services, remember that you can always use the Services Manager to restart them. Just right click on My Computer, Select Manage, and go to the Services option. Using your command console as a reference, restart all the appropriate services.