Cisco Router System Configuration Dialog

The second paragraph outlines the two different modes that can be used to configure the router from this environment – basic management setup and extended setup. Basic management setup will provide you with a fairly limited set of choices, such as setting a router’s hostname, passwords, and an interface IP address. The idea is that after doing this, you would move on to the command line environment to configure more advanced features. Once you’re familiar with IOS commands, you will probably prefer using the command line for configuration.

If you want to get at more advanced configuration elements from the System Configuration Dialog, you would choose “no” when asked whether you would like to enter the basic management setup. This brings you into the extended setup. Extended setup gives you access to a wider range of configuration choices, including configuring protocols, interfaces, the asynchronous port (if you have a modem attached), passwords, and so forth. For the purpose of our look at the System Configuration Dialog, we’ll use the extended setup.

Would you like to enter basic management setup? [yes/no]:
First, would you like to see the current interface summary? [yes]: y
Interface IP-Address OK? Method Status Protocol
Ethernet0 unassigned NO unset administratively down down
Serial0 unassigned NO unset administratively down down
Serial1 unassigned NO unset administratively down down

Notice that when asked if I wanted to see an interface summary, I entered “y” for yes. Because the default value shown in the square brackets is already [yes], I could have simply pressed Enter to accept that value. At this point, the interface summary reminds us that no settings have really been configured. We’ll get to that, as we work through the rest of the extended setup.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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