Cisco Netsys Performance Service Manager

The Cisco Netsys Performance Service Manager tool is also part of the Cisco Netsys Service-Level Management Suite. Capabilities found within the program include the ability to manage network performance service levels, define performance policies, and troubleshoot performance-related issues. Like the Connectivity Service Manager tool, this tool also builds a view of the current network topology using information stored in the configuration files of deployed equipment.

This tool gathers data in a number of ways, including using SNMP and RMON performance data from network switches and routers. This data provides the ability to visualize network performance in real-time, or to create a baseline measurement against which future changes can be compared, both through “what-if” analysis and actual implementations. Baseline data can also be used to develop service-level policies against which regularly collected data can be compared via a difference mechanism. Tools within the Cisco Netsys Service-Level Management Suite are mainly aimed at larger networks, where service-level agreements have been defined and need to be measured.

Author: Dan DiNicolo

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